Work & Wonder at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was an experience like no other. As I approached the rim, moving through the trees slowly, unable to breathe due to my altitude sickness, I felt the anticipation growing in my gut. I saw the railing, and moved faster as the canyon opened up before me. I stood, leaning against the railing, and couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. It didn’t even take my breath away. It was so surreal that I just stood there, looking at what I couldn’t believe was real.

It was like the most beautiful painting I had ever seen. But, it wasn’t a painting, or a photograph, or a figment of my imagination. But it was so, incredibly, unbelievably large and gorgeous that I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. I walked along the path, looking from different angles, not even knowing what to feel, not even beginning to understand what I was seeing. It was just more than I could handle.
I know that seems silly, but sometimes things are so amazing that they go beyond the point of amazement and taking your breath away. Sometimes, you just look out at something amazing and just keep telling yourself that it is, in fact, real.

Or maybe it was just the altitude sickness I was suffering from. I hadn’t eaten all day, and my head was pounding in sync with the bright sun. After about an hour, I got back in my truck and drove out to a spot to take a few pictures with the truck. Here I met some awesome tourists who asked me questions about my truck, the tour, and took my card.

The next morning, with no coffee options in sight, I headed back to the Grand Canyon and found a coffee shop. I got myself a frappe and a muffin and went and sat on the rim of the canyon and got some work done. I can say, without a doubt, that it was the coolest place I have ever worked.

One thing that the canyon offered me was insight into my own life. There is so much out there that is bigger than myself, so much to see, to experience, and to attain. This endeavor was definitely worth it, and has helped shape my motivations for this tour.

Next, I will be headed to Tucson for the Festival of Books which caters to 130,000 attendees. It is at the University of Arizona on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th. Click here for more information!