The Road To Success

Here in indie author town, life can be very unpredictable. We have the Amanda Hocking’s and the Morgan Rice’s, all who have become gazillionaires (don’t quote me on that number) using Amazon to self publish their works, and then we have the somebody’s and the nobody’s who have made $12 total and have been working their butts off to no avail. After releasing Reincarnation, a small part of me seriously feared that I was going to end up one of those nobodies.

I am beginning to think that I was wrong. I haven’t been doing as well as some, it wasn’t one of those instant kindle success stories that you read about, how someone published their first book to kindle and sold a bazillion copies in the first week and made umpteen thousand dollars in their first month as an indie author, but I am happy to say I may eventually be headed in that general direction (or at least not in the direction towards the door!).

A sale here, a sale there, a review here, a review there. It trickles in about as slow as it could, and it is driving me crazy. All I can think about is why all 350+ people who downloaded Reincarnation 2 weeks ago haven’t written any reviews yet. Of course, that is insane of me, because not only do most people have lives and probably haven’t even started my book yet, but I am getting a few reviews. I have received 4 – 5 star reviews on Amazon and was worried. I am sure it takes most people a lot longer than two weeks to get 5 reviews. Of course, one of them is a 4 star and from my mom (really mom, 4 stars for your one and only daughter?), but 4 awesome reviews is definitely nothing to be complaining about.

I was selling at an incredibly slow rate, turtling my way towards fame and fortune at a startling rate of about 2 sales per week. Then, this morning, I go and check the reports on KDP and find something amazing. 28 sales in the last 24 hours. Of course, I initially think it must be some sort of scam, that someone in the UK is wrangling up 28 people to buy my book just to mess with me (That sounds logical, Alicia.). I soon realize how ridiculous that sounds, and come to my senses. Maybe, just maybe, someone read my book and then told their friends.

So then, I check the stats on my website and find out something even more interesting. I have been googled. More than once in the past week or so. Normally, the only visits to my site would be because I had spent hours begging people to visit it via Facebook and Twitter. Of course, it could always just be someone I know who forgot my URL, but I like the ‘friends telling friends about this awesome book they found’ theory a lot better.

So, I have been Googled. I have a few really good reviews. I am slowly but surely getting more sales. I think, in conclusion, we can say that I may be on the slow-track to success. I think we will all be hearing a lot more from me, Hailey and the rest of the Seven Reincarnations in the next few months. Now all I have to do is write a sappy Vampire or Zombie teen romance novel and I will skyrocket into the Top 10! Just kidding. Kind of.

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