Self Publishing

The world of writing has changed dramatically in the past few years. Nowadays anyone can be an author with little to no effort (besides the writing part, of course). The whole industry has seemed to have done a complete 180-degree flip, from being one of the most difficult careers to pursue to maybe one of the easiest. The age of eBooks and self-publishing is upon us, and it has made the dreams of writers everywhere come true.

It wasn’t too long ago when becoming an author was a huge step, that took years of inquiries and rejection letters, only to be financial unstable. Authors were never thought of as being wealthy, and being an author was considered a hobby instead of a career. Most people with a passion for writing struggled through the muck into the publishing industry or gave up on their dreams entirely, leaving the world of writing behind for something more reliable. Of course, this has changed.

When I finished my first book, REINCARNATION, in January, I had the mindset that finding a literary agent and a publisher was my only option, and that self-publishing was a last resort. Little did I know at that point that I was completely wrong. I sent out my query to 11 different literary agents and received about three rejections. Of course, I was constantly doing research, when I found out that self-publishing was probably my best bet. I am so glad that I figured that out, because now, three months later, I am releasing my first book myself. I had initially thought of my book being published in a year, or more, but instead of waiting, plastering my walls with rejection letters, and letting someone else to tell me when I could publish my book, I have complete control. I am now an author, on my terms, with the freedom of the internet to help me spread my wings and become famous.

Nowadays, a self-published author can make more than a traditionally published author. Thanks to the beautiful creation of the eBook, people can easily download your book with the click of a button. Programs like KDP Select can help you get your book out there in the hands of real people all over the world, who will read it and rate it. Services like Createspace can even give you the opportunity to sell physical, printed copies of your book, completely free. Self-publishing used to mean forking over hundreds of dollars for so many copies of your book and then marketing them and selling them yourself. Nowadays, it has become an easy and free process. It has completely changed. You can publish your book without emptying your pockets and then utilize the gifts of social media and the web to help you market from home in your pajamas.

The fact of the matter is, becoming an author has become one of the easiest things to do. For those of us who absolutely love to write, it has become a lifesaver. So many writers and authors are now realizing their dreams, making money, and self-publishing again and again.

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