Love on Hold

So, it is now official: the Lovely tour has been postponed. Due to a combination of factors out of my control, I am going to be benched for the summer months.

In the meantime, though, I think this will be the perfect opportunity to write Reunited. It has been scratching at the back of my brain as of late, and is ready to come to the surface. With the tour on hold, I will have enough time to really dive into it and get it written.

While part of me is relieved that I get to take a break from the tour, a bigger part of me is displeased and really wants to get back out there. While it costs a lot of money, and is quite stressful, it is also filled to the brim with incredible experiences that make up for all the bad ten-fold. Here at home, sitting in the same spot, is just plain old boring. While it is much more cost effective and I have nothing to worry about, there is also something lacking from my day to day.

The grand canyon, the events, the drive. My purpose is gone. I will try to find it in Reunited, and I truly hope that I can, but at this very moment I am missing the road more than you know.

It seems like a distant memory, the Oregon coast, the Golden Gate bridge. I feel like it is slipping away.

I feel like I was not meant to stay still, which may put a damper on my life plan, since all I have ever wanted was a small plot of land in the middle of nowhere. What if that isn’t what I am truly meant for? What if, I am meant to spend a month in each and every city? Which, with the new travel trailer, I could realistically do.

Maybe when I resume the tour, I won’t be resuming the tour, but will be resuming my entire life. I love the travel, I love the new experiences, I love meeting people, I love going to events.

But, for now, I have to wait. Live in the moment, and find adventure here locally wherever I can, counting down the days until I can get on with it again.

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