Newsletter Success!

Although not many people signed up for my newsletter, I am determining it to be a success. My friends and family received the newsletter in their email yesterday, and since I have gotten quite a bit more views on my site. I asked them all to forward it, which I really hope they do, so … [Read more…]

Subscribe & Win!

So, I have decided to hold a campaign to get more newsletter subscribers before my newsletter is set to come out on May 1st. I have set up an incentive program as outlined below. So click that subscribe button ————————————————————————> Here’s what you can win: 50th Subscriber: $5 Gift Card for the Kindle Store and … [Read more…]

Short Story Published!

My first short story, Aaria of the Seven Uniters, is officially live at Amazon. I am so happy, as this is my first ever published work, and I just can’t even begin to explain how it feels. It feels awesome, that is how it feels. I am just…ecstatic! Please head on over and download a … [Read more…]

Social Media: Why It Is Important For Everyone

Social media is the most important thing in the world for anyone trying to market themselves. The world has been revolutionized by the internet, and so has marketing. What used to be face-to-face connections can now be made quicker, easier, and in your pajamas. If you aren’t utilizing social media marketing to it’s fullest, you … [Read more…]

Teen Vampires

Okay, I admit it, the Vampire thing has been waaayyy over played, and that drives me nuts. Because, I, like most people my age, have a thing for hot, murderous blood sucking monsters. The teen Vampire romance novel has become super cliche’ over the past few years, and it is really starting to wear people … [Read more…]