Book Two: Revolution

It’s now up to Hailey to lead the Revolution and save the planet from tyranny.
Hailey didn’t teleport back to Planeta Three and her beloved prince. Instead, she is now stranded across the universe on the hot desert planet of Helio.
She still hasn’t come to terms with who she is and her destiny as one of the Seven Reincarnations and, to add to the stress, Alana was destroyed in the process, leaving her utterly stranded.
The Capitol City is ruled by an evil tyrant named Kahn Kridar, who forces the people to live in filth and poverty, his ruthless Walinzi soldiers patrolling the streets, prepared to do anything to keep order. Hailey soon discovers why she is on Helio, when she meets The Resistance, a group of rebels who just need a little push to take back their home from tyranny.
Hailey is forced to go from awkward, uncertain teenager with uncontrollable powers to leader of the Revolution in a matter of a few weeks.
Can she do it? Can she lead the people to their freedom and defeat the powerful tyrant Kahn Kridar? And at what cost?
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5 Star Review, Tom Riddell, Book Reviewer and Radio Host for The Writer’s Lounge
Just a few days after I finished Reincarnation, the first book in this series, I had to pick up this book to find out what was happening with Hailey. After all she is just a 16 year old girl with literally the whole universe on her shoulders. A few weeks ago she was just a very timid, oppressed teenager trying to make her way through high school. She was bullied by her classmates and abused by her own mother- now she is forced to continue on in her destiny and is given the mission of saving all of the people on the planet of Helio. A very daunting task for such a young school girl.

The battle is approaching and Hailey must decide what she must do. The risks are great but the alternative to going war is just too painful to think about. She is looking for the people of Helio to stand up to the intimidation and abuse and to support her in her quest. One of the most moving and strong passages in this novel was this:

“A spark was all she needed. A spark of hope, a spark of passion, even a spark of anger, could be nursed into a flame big enough to take down the United Republic of Kridara, and bring forth a new age in which the people no longer lived in fear…”

You’ll have to read the book to see if that spark is lit and what the outcome will be.

Like Reincarnation, this story is extremely well written and even better than the first book- it boils with passion, emotion, surprises and excitement. I literally read this book in one sitting- actually going without eating while my stomach grumbled- in order to get to the end of this book!

I have reviewed over 50 books here on The Writers Lounge Blog and this novel easily sits in the top 4 or 5.

I give Revolution a very strong solid 5 stars.