Book One: Reincarnation

Hailey had become used to the abuse. She had learned to expect it and to be prepared. She had always kept her head down, never speaking a word of her home life to anyone except her best friend, Jennifer.

But, when Jennifer moves away, her loneliness begins to engulf her, leaving her unstable at best. When Johnny, the hottest boy in school, humiliates her on a fake date, she is suddenly pushed over an edge, an edge she didn’t know she had.
In her rage, she releases an unexpected and powerful force, throwing her mother across the room in a blinding flash of light.

In a matter of a few days, her life is turned upside down. After discovering her powers, she is suddenly teleported across the universe to an alien kingdom, where she meets an oddly familiar prince. It is here on this strange but beautiful alien world where she learns who she was, and who she is destined to become.

5 Star Review, Tom Riddell, Book Reviewer and Radio Host for The Writer’s Lounge
Building an interest in a character is very important if an author wants their audience to continue to read their story and the character interest is elevated even further if they become someone that the reader can relate to. Hailey is a quietly shy schoolgirl who wants to be liked as everyone else seems to be. Most everyone knows of someone like Hailey and roots for people like her to succeed, amongst the pain and turmoil of a very hard and difficult life.

Just at the peak of what Hailey thought would be the happiest day of her life- going on a date with a very popular boy in school- her world comes crashing down around her and then, almost immediately, she is thrust into a completely new existence- into a world so unlike hers, that it takes her some time to adjust; not just in her new surroundings, but as a totally new person. She soon finds that she isn’t seen as a nerdy, shy quiet school girl anymore- she is treated like royalty by people on this new planet- as a strangely familiar romance erupts as she finds herself in love with a prince.

Conflict is another tool in an author’s arsenal. If there’s too much the reader will feel overwhelmed, making the story hard to follow and misdirected. Not enough- and the story will go flat with not enough interest. The author weaves in just the right amount of conflict throughout the story- which holds the readers interest and makes it hard to stop reading.

A good and interesting story with likable characters and absorbing conflict make this a book that I would proudly display on my bookshelf. It’s sometimes hard to predict where a new author will go after the publishing of their first book- but I will be willing to bet that Alicia Love will be someone who will be known and loved by many as a best selling author in just a few short years.

Buy this book! It’s a keeper!