Book Trailers – A Great Way To Market Your Book

So, before entering into the writing industry, I had never heard of a book trailer before. Trailers were for movies and television shows, right? But, it turns out, making a simple book trailer can have a positive impact on your journey to becoming a super successful author.

I had thought I would need some professional help with a book trailer, but after seeing so many simple videos made by very successful authors, I figured I would simply make one of my own. I made it using Windows Movie Maker, which is installed in all Windows computers.

I realized how intriguing a book trailer could be when I watched one for a series that I had put down halfway through. I had been disinterested in the story, yet somehow after watching the book trailer, I wanted to pick it up again. Book trailers add a whole new level of stimulation to your marketing campaign. It adds color, video, pictures and sound, which are a refreshing perspective for the readers, who you usually bombard with tweets and blog posts.

Also, a lot of the time, expressing the intensity of your work through a blurb can be difficult. Making a video gives you better tools to display your books message. Which is a big help, especially to someone like me, who is terrible at writing blurbs.

Like I said, a few royalty free images from the web and a relevant piece of music and voila! An awesome and appealing book trailer that can help you on your way to becoming even more successful!

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