Book Bars & Music in Phoenix, AZ

My stay in Phoenix was incredibly fun and interesting. It was two weeks in beautiful weather. I had to purchase new clothes because after my trip down the Oregon coast all I had was sweaters.

While in Phoenix, I discovered the two Changing Hands bookstores, which were the coolest places I had ever been. I got to sit at the bar and drink coffee at the First Draft Book Bar and had to force myself to leave the Tempe location. The stores were both busy and showed a ton of support for indie authors.

I also visited the Poisoned Pen, a mystery book store in the town of Scottsdale on a Friday night when they had a live music event. It was there that I spent a good half hour chatting with the nice man behind the desk and got the low-down on everything books in Phoenix.

But, even though my time in Phoenix was for the Lovely Tour, it wasn’t all books. I went out to The Rock Bar in Scottsdale and saw a band play, that was actually really good. I made a few good friends and had an overall wonderful experience.

After my stay in Phoenix was up, I had 11 days until the Book Festival in Tucson and decided to head up to the Grand Canyon.