Blogging: Why it is important

So, I have known since I started writing that I would eventually need to get this blogging thing into gear. Thing is, I am not that good at keeping a schedule or committing to things in general. Wow, that actually sounds horrible when I say it out loud.

So, I have managed to actually change the above statement and have kind of gotten things in order. Things are somewhat together now, and I think I might actually be able to do it. Like, consistently. Maybe.

No promises.

I know that blogging is important, and I know it is an excellent way not only to market one’s books, but to market one’s self. It is a form of personal expression that allows an author to connect with the reader on a whole new level, and in an unlimited number of ways. Blogging allows you to know who I am as a person.

If I write about controversial materials, you will find out I am opinionated, abrasive, and brash. If I talk about emotional things, you will then realize I a essentially a big baby who bursts into tears, big time, at those commercials with the beat up kittens. If I write about my career as a writer and the owner of Lovely Books, you will find out that I am incredibly passionate and tenacious and yet somehow lack patience and cannot handle stress.

You get to see the human side of me, my flaws and my good qualities, and you get the opportunity to get to know me and love me or hate me.

Okay, I have convinced myself. I am doing this blogging thing.

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