Alicia J. Love

Alicia Jewel Love is an author, business owner, singer, student, and all around great guy. Trust me, I’ve met him personally.

Where I’ve Been

Seattle → Hawaii → Seattle → Eastern WA → Traveling → Seattle

I was born in Seattle, WA. I was raised in a nice neighborhood in West Seattle, and went to a few different schools. When I was 11, my mother whisked me off to live in the beautiful state of Hawaii, smack dab in the middle of the pacific ocean. Although it was exotic, gorgeous, and a wonderful and enriching experience, it turned out to be short-lived. After two years we moved back to the rainy pacific northwest, otherwise known as home.
In 2010 I moved to a small town in Eastern Washington and lived there until 2015, when I moved back to Seattle to be closer to my family. In 2016, I spent 3 months traveling around the western U.S. promoting my business and books to bookstores in all different states in conjunction with Incorgnito Publishing Press. I spent that summer living in my trailer on the Washington coast, half a block from the beach. After that, I sold the truck and trailer and I finally settled down in Seattle, got myself an apartment, and enrolled in college.

Who I Am

If I were to attempt to put myself in a nutshell, I don’t think I would even come close to being able to fit. I mean, I am a big girl, but really, what kind of nuts are we even talking about?

I think I have three main qualities that really help define me: passion, tenacity, and honesty. All three of these things apply to everything I do in my life. Whether it’s being hyped up and moving mountains to watch the new episode of Doctor Who, or going to school, or building my business, all of those qualities play an important role in my life. When I love something, I love it wholly, and put my all into it, whether it is Hunter X Hunter or my career goals or the people I have in my life. And when I want to do something, I do it, and if I can’t do it, I will find a way to do it or a way around it. I set goals for myself and I intend to attain them, and I often do. And lastly, honesty. I live my life completely transparent and it is very important to me. I don’t hide any parts of me from anyone, even when I should. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but its more important to me that I be an honest person than the consequences of that honesty.

I also value kindness. It is super important to me to be a kind person, and while I do fail sometimes since I am only human, I strive to treat all people with the utmost respect and decency.

I am an INFJ and I am 5’5″ tall. Dating apps have told me these things are significant for some reason.

Right now I am pursuing a degree in Human Services. I want to work in mental health, social work, or education. One of my long term goals is to become a foster parent and to adopt. I want a career working with at-risk youth.

What I Do

Author | Owner of Lovely Books | Singer | Student

Things I Like

Watch: Anime | Doctor Who | Supernatural | Wonder Woman | DC Shows | Pretty Much All TV Things
Read: Scott Westerfeld | Christopher Pike | J.K. Rowling | Countless Amazing Self Published Authors
Do: Karaoke | The Gym | School | Concerts | Friends | Family | Nature
Eat: Tomatoes | Pasta Salad | Pizza | Juanita’s | Raspberry Sorbet | Cheese
Listen: System of a Down | Kendrick Lamar | MCR | Logic | Nine Inch Nails | Rush | Heart | Sam Smith | Adele
Other: Mindfulness | Mental Health | Meditation | Open Sky | Spirituality | Metaphysics | Chakra Work

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