Alicia J. Love

Alicia Jewel Love is an author, business owner, and marketing professional.

Lovely Books

Born and Raised

I was born in Seattle, WA. I was raised in a nice neighborhood in West Seattle, and went to a few different schools. When I was 11, my mother whisked me off to live in the beautiful state of Hawaii, smack dab in the middle of the pacific ocean. Although it was exotic, gorgeous, and a wonderful and enriching experience, it turned out to be short lived. After two years of paying $8.00 on average for a gallon of milk, we finally moved back to the rainy pacific northwest, otherwise known as home.
Recently, I decided to use all my savings to purchase a truck and camper in order to tour the country. I am currently on tour, promoting my books and company in every continental state. I am sponsored by the Incorgnito Publishing Press.
Alicia J. Love

Obsessive Fan Girl Much?

I am, and always have been a fan girl. I spent my younger years obsessing over the Harry Potter series, and have read all of the books dozens of times. As I got older, I obsessed over anime, an obsession I proudly carry with me to this day. I also was talked into watching Doctor Who, and a new obsession was born. I am definitely an avid fan girl in every form. Being a stay at home writer and TV watcher I have been able to feed my obsession with Anime as well as happily develop addictions to many other popular television series.

Things I Like

These are a few of my favorite things…

1. Favorite Anime: Inuyasha
2. Favorite Food: Italian
3. Favorite Color: Purple
4. Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series or Thirst Series
5. Favorite Animal: Cats
6. Favorite Band: AC/DC
7. Favorite Song: For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
8. Favorite Hobby: Web Design or Interior Design
9. Favorite Board Game: Scrabble
10: Favorite Beverage: Ice Water
11: Favorite Drink: Bahama Mama
12: Favorite Season: Autumn
13: Favorite Holiday: Christmas
14: Favorite Smell: Warm Bread or Old Book
15: Favorite Outdoor Activity: Rock Collecting/Hiking
16: Favorite Flower: Tulip

Some random facts…

1. My greatest skill: Writing
2. The most favorite gift I’ve ever gotten: A new edition of the Grimm Faerie Tales
3. My most unexpected achievement: Starting my own business
4. The favorite dessert: Raspberry Sorbet
5. The most scared I’ve been by a bug or critter: In a nightmare, there were giant spiders everywhere
6. My favorite household chore: Um, what?
7. Favorite outdoor smell: Snow

Hobbies of mine

Collecting Rocks/Geology
Interior Design
Web Design