Being an Author: Finding Motivation

Being an Author: Finding Motivation

indexBeing an author means that you must be creative, and create unique, entertaining stories to hook your reader and keep them coming back. As an author, though, one thing seems to haunt us all: the demon known as writer’s block. But, just as you are the ruler of your own destiny, you can also be the ruler or your motivation.

Getting motivated might be difficult at times, especially when you are writing the next book in a series. The initial fire of the series has gone dim, and your book has become more work than the first few. Or, if you are just not excited enough about your story. Also, that thing called life tends to get in the way, and it does it all the time. As an author, it is your responsibility to your readers, your story, and yourself to get over your writer’s block and deliver the best story you can.

motivation1Actively seeking inspiration is a great way to get your writing juices flowing. Simply find something, like a movie, a book, a show, a game, or an activity that somehow relates to your book. Is your story a murder mystery? Turn on Netflix and start a crime drama. I would recommend Castle, but that’s just me. I mean, the guy is a legend, and an author. It’s a great motivator. If your story is about dragons, watch a How to Train Your Dragon or Eragon, or another movie. Writing a Vampire book? Well, great news, there are literally millions of books on your Kindle just waiting to inspire you (or prove you can do better!).

Actively seeking motivation can be as simple as booting up your computer or you could take it to the next level. Reading and watching are easy ways to get motivated, but doing works a lot better. Fantasy or Science Fiction? Start playing a trading card game like Magic: The Gathering or, better yet, join a role playing group. Literally become the character of your story, in real life.

Another way to get inspired is to play video games. Anything from warfare, crime, mystery, and fantasy can be taken from a video game. Oh, and board games could help as well.

motivationBut, seeking inspiration isn’t just for fiction writers. Writing non-fiction is tough, and getting inspired is even tougher. I suggest working with your topic in real life. Why did you choose your topic? Go remind yourself. Whatever it was that initially inspired you, go do it or see it again, and rekindle that flame.

Writing is a difficult thing, and being an author is even more difficult. Make certain that you enjoy every moment, and get excited about what you are writing. And, seeking inspiration is a great excuse to get out of the house and do something fun!

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