Being a Writer: Letting the Story Flow

Being a Writer: Letting the Story Flow


What is an author?

When you think of an author or a writer, you think of someone who creates a story. A wizard of words, putting them down on paper, putting there thoughts down for the world to see. But, a true writer is not someone who simply writes things down. A true author is someone who is simply a vessel in which the story uses to get written.

When I write, I normally have only a general idea of what is going to happen next. I write an outline, chapter by chapter, plot twist by plot twist, but in the end, it was all for not. Because, as I write, the story flows out of me in the way it was meant to be written, regardless of all of my plans. I have begun to feel less like an author, and more like a medium for the story gods.

I have also learned to listen to the words as they escape from my fingertips. As my fingers fly across the keyboard, they tell a much better story than the one I had outlined. It seems when I let the natural talent flow, I not only end up with a better story, but better quality writing.

Deadlines and Pressure

As an author, it is easy to become very anal about everything you do. When we think of writers, a lot of people imagine a stressed out, scraggly haired someone drinking his fifth cup of Joe and frustratedly tapping his pencil as he desperately tries to come up with something to write. Although this might be a little exaggerated, it really is an easy way of life to fall into. Authors put a lot of pressure on themselves, and the pressure can easily make us crack.

As an author, learning to simply let the story flow, regardless of plans, time restraints, and restrictions, is almost an art form. It truly is a difficult thing to overcome. We constantly want to restrict ourselves and layer the pressure on thick, thinking we need discipline in order to accomplish anything as an author.

Let the Story Flow

That is where we are wrong, though. They say if you work doing something you love, you will never work a day in your life. That is more true for writers than any other profession. But it is so easy to forget how much you love to write and suddenly feel as if it is too hard. As natural born writers, we cannot let ourselves fall into that mindset.

So, relax. Write when it feels natural, and love every second of it. Never let yourself be overcome by the stresses of being an author. Never let writing become a ‘job’. Writing should be a hobby, a lifestyle, and it should always be fun. Get excited, let it flow, and write. Simply write.

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