Love on Hold

So, it is now official: the Lovely tour has been postponed. Due to a combination of factors out of my control, I am going to be benched for the summer months. In the meantime, though, I think this will be the perfect opportunity to write Reunited. It has been scratching at the back of my … [Read more…]

Work & Wonder at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was an experience like no other. As I approached the rim, moving through the trees slowly, unable to breathe due to my altitude sickness, I felt the anticipation growing in my gut. I saw the railing, and moved faster as the canyon opened up before me. I stood, leaning against the railing, … [Read more…]

Book Bars & Music in Phoenix, AZ

My stay in Phoenix was incredibly fun and interesting. It was two weeks in beautiful weather. I had to purchase new clothes because after my trip down the Oregon coast all I had was sweaters. While in Phoenix, I discovered the two Changing Hands bookstores, which were the coolest places I had ever been. I … [Read more…]

Love on Tour – Official Launch!

In case you haven’t been following me or Lovely Books as of late, you may not know that I have gone off the deep end. I cleaned out my savings in order to purchase a truck and camper and am traveling the country promoting books. My books, Lovely Books, and the books from the wonderful … [Read more…]