Hi, I am Alicia!

I write. I sing. I school. I werk.

Also, I geek. Yeah, that may be it. Anywho, enough about me. It’s not like this is my website or anything. How have you been?

Also, I think I am really funny. Like, the funniest.

Read my books, listen to my music, enjoy the Alicia that is me.

I am just an ordinary girl hoping to leave an extraordinary mark on this world before I leave it.

Le Blog


Clicky clicky 🙂

Hold on to your pants because at some point I may write the rest of this series.

Le SingSong

Sometimes I write words and then I sing them.
Listen here.

Lovely Books

Meet my baby, my love, my life, Lovely Books. I do book promotion for authors and I make enough money to file taxes most years. But, mostly, I just provide an affordable and easy to use platform for authors who may not qualify for other site’s strict criteria or pricing.

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Look, it’s me!